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Brand Strategy  .  Range Architecture  .  Brand Identity  .  Packaging Design  .  Production


Zwitsal, Fissan, Gabi and Proderm are leading experts in their respective countries in the baby care category. Dedicated to meeting your baby’s every need. Echo were challenged with unifying the brands across the entire portfolio by first creating and communicating an overarching brand idea of ‘Joyful Softness’, through to harmonising the identities and packaging and range architecture.



We designed a system that created variant differentiation based around the famous baby Kleintje icon.

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We contemporized baby Kleintje and brought him to life through illustrations that demonstrate the emotional and functional benefits of each product.



In our role as brand guardian, we have brought to life the visual language of Joyful Softness across all touch-points, from pack, social media, POS and brand activation. 

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Echo have been a great partner in defining and crafting our brand’s visual identity. Their integrated design offer means they have the skills needed to help across many elements of our branding requirements.

Shanti Mahabier

Senior Global brand Development Manager Babycare




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