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The world of beauty is championing individuality like never before. Where we once conformed to cultural stereotypes we are now evolving and creating our own individual expressions. As the UK’s leading styling brand, V05 provides women with all the tools they need to get the look they want.


As VO5 transitioned from being less about technology and more about style, emotion and attitude, the brand needed to reflect this new way of thinking in its packaging design.

The new positioning, ‘Express Yourself’, focuses on the idea of getting the perfect ‘look’ for the expression you want to create.


A clear brand architecture and navigation system for the extensive range has been created, with elegant graphic motifs expressing the ‘look’ of each category.



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The design comes together to deliver a stylish, unique and clearly segmented range that celebrates true individuality of expression.



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Beautiful and elegant motifs express the ‘look’ of each category whilst delivering an easily navigable range.

Nigel Ritchie

Creative Director, Echo


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