The Enduring Nature of Great Design: Consumer Goods

after 8.png

As designers we all love to see our work in the public domain be that online, in store or in print. There is that familiar surge of pride as your work goes public, tinged with the occasional gripe over those little executional inconsistencies that have compromised our vision: blame the printer, the client, anyone but the designer. We also have a tendency to go apoplectic when someone else has dared to update our design…how very dare they! We jump on social media, on design forums debating this appalling event internally till those proverbial design cows come home.

There are lots of reasons why brands evolve, poor sales, hot new competitors, changing market forces, new management, corporate acquisition, the list is endless. But out there in this highly competitive commercial world some brands continue to exist unchanged or relatively unchanged. It may be luck, but more often than not it is the result of a good design executed flawlessly by talented designers collaborating with an inspired and supportive client.

I am sure you all have your own examples, but we at Echo actually rebranded After Eight, that classic British confection, some 10 years ago and it is still going strong: intact and proudly so. We were asked to re-design the brand after it had become victim to own brand look-a-likes and was struggling to deliver taste appeal and a viable personality. By bringing the product experience centre stage through the introduction of the glassine sleeve, we were able to revive that little touch of formality and ritual that made the brand so famous in the first place. Clearly this design still resonates today and remains a key brand within the Nestle stable.