Doctor Data

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“Technology has facilitated the shift from doctor to data, empowering us to make our own, proactive choices.”


The revolution in healthcare is here. Come with us as Echo imagine a new generation of healthcare service and the opportunity for consumer brand collaboration.

For decades, the healthcare offer has been limited by strained services and monopolised by powerful pharmaceutical companies. Where consumers sought empathy and empowerment, they were too often met with dehumanised interactions – the result of legacy infrastructure, service silos, stretched resources and traditional paternalistic styles of treatment that restricted personal choice and control.

Medical data may seem an unlikely hero, but a power shift is occurring as personal data and medical knowledge is being placed in our own hands. Thanks to a rise in flexible, lost cost devices and open platforms, data is now accessible and actionable. From wearable technology to at-home diagnostics, we are turning this data into insight that helps each of us to make informed choices.

One of the most celebrated services in this brave new world of healthcare is HAI. Part-nurse, part-life coach, the nanoband helps its wearer to take a proactive and holistic approach to personal wellness. A friendly holograph designed by the user (to date Yoda and Oprah are in high circulation) becomes a trusted ally; recording physiological and psychological data that is used to offer tailored suggestions for becoming a healthier, happier you!

HAI is here to educate and empower. As our population ages, life expectancies extend and a growing minority begin to view death as a problem to solve (not an inevitability), HAI offers a sustainable solution to the shortfall in national and private healthcare. Where we have historically focused on cures, HAI champions prevention and recovery. Offering guidance on exercise, nutrition and meditation amongst other proactive therapies, the service helps you to increase your quality and length of life through simple choices everyday.

This approach delivers superior personal outcomes, and provides an efficient solution to the growing healthcare crisis.

HAI can also be synced with your permission to a suite of related services (medical, nutritional, exercise, insurance etc), to save time for both parties and ensure accurate, personalised care. Studies consistently show that people with access to electronic medical records gain a deeper understanding of their health and achieve better outcomes. 

HAI neatly packages your data into bundles to help manage privacy while making data work hard for you e.g. top line running statistics that can be shared with insurance providers for a reduced premium, and complete medical records that can be provided to a doctor on holiday to ensure they know your history. Records can be recalled at the click of a button, providing users with control and confidence.

As the business of health becomes truly personal, people are looking for providers that share their values and beliefs. Brands that resonate will be handsomely rewarded for providing real consumer value. On average, health care costs make up 15% of GDP. Even companies from seemingly disconnected industries like social media and confectionary, have recognised the potential of health and wellness innovation to support their long-term prospects.

Together HAI and founding partner Velo (sport and lifestyle wear) have pioneered mental health through physical activity. Through consumer-agreed data sharing, they proactively engage consumers with a grass-roots network of sporting clubs, offering significant discounts to enable access to exclusive training sessions.

French Supermarket giant Santé has more recently partnered with the nanoband to offer macrobiotic dietary advice and promotions to opted-in shoppers. For example, if a wearer’s genetic profile indicates that they need a high folate and omega-3 diet, they receive a 15% discount on fish and avocado etc, along with a bespoke nutrition plan with simple recipes. The Santé offer will extend to mood boosting menu planning in the new year. 

In collaboration with compounding chemist Garten, the platform is bringing its vibrant attitude to life with a plant-based pharmacy. The pop-up, set in a rambling glasshouse is a refreshing change to the sterile interiors once synonymous with the healthcare industry. As people visit, their bands connect to the store to offer an instant, opt-in consultation. In return they are provided with customised plant-based remedies, theatrically compounded on site blurring nutrition and medicine.

Where HAI was initially dismissed as a lifestyle accessory, the wristband has proven a true lifeline through its one-for-one program. For every wristband bought, one is donated to a developing country where it provides essential access to advice and treatment in isolated and under resourced areas. In-band nanochips provide GPS coordinates for drone-drop treatment, and act as a coded activator. The packages can only be accessed by the patient, dramatically reducing the number of counterfeit and misappropriated drugs over the past 6 months.

HAI has also partnered with WHO to amplify the positive impact of its vast data e.g. training medical algorithms to diagnosise, monitor and intercept the spread of disease globally. This frontline research, finally free from the confines of borders and institutions, facilitates collective action to improve world health. HAI’s unique ability to provide real value to both the individual and community, first world and developing nations, proves the depth and impact of this new wave of healthcare.

Key opportunities for consumer-facing brands in health and wellness:

  • Harness the power of data to help consumers make informed, proactive choices.

  • Build a holistic wellness offer by partnering with complementary brands that amplify your brand purpose.

  • Use new technologies to offer surprisingly human interactions.

  • Use your international reach to deliver individual solutions that, en masse, realise global health initiatives.

  • Connect communities to overcome challenges together, empowering positive change and building advocacy. 

  • Build customer trust and value so they welcome a fair exchange of data.