Echo revitalises English Tea Shop

ETS - Group.jpg


English Tea Shop, a successful and growing tea company based in Sri Lanka has revitalised their brand identity and packaging in partnership with Echo. 

The brand was originally launched to disrupt the mass-premium organic tea market in which the delicacy and traditions of the English Tea Shop met the exuberance and colour of Sri Lanka.


Building on this core idea, their sustainability story and inspired by the flavourful organic ingredients, vibrant colour palette and symbolism of Sri Lanka, the new design features a series of flavour ‘mandala’s’ that truly celebrate the uniqueness of each blend. Each tea variety, through the combination of its bold background colour and bespoke flavour mandala, exudes and symbolises visual balance, togetherness and a sense of joyful community. By subtly altering the construct and colour combinations of the mandala, the new design creates a recognisable brand device that both maintains brand continuity whilst allowing for effective range differentiation.


The re-crafted English Tea Shop brand mark holds elegant figures of a man and a woman nurturing tea plants which enhances its quality credentials, improves its legibility and celebrates their sustainability story. The redesign of the principle shape of the signature teapot device, integrating a new decorative ‘farm to cup’ story, ensures that this valuable brand asset will remain consistent in appearance and usage when applied to a wide variety of packaging formats and brand touch points.

Creative Director: Nigel Ritchie

Design Director: Christy Davies

Account Manager: Lily Kowalik

Production & Realisation: Scott Hunter

Illustrators: Margaux Carpentier & Chris Mitchell