Food In 2017 - The Little Book of Big Trends

Food, as one of our most dynamic cultural assets, has evolved from a functional human requirement to a mature and ever changing lifestyle industry with high emotional value. As food delivers against increasingly higher order needs, it becomes ever more influenced by the push and pull of consumer trends. Issues of resource, consumption and food waste are becoming more and more pressing, whilst technology is continuing to open up borders bringing greater global influences. 

Recently, Echo’s Strategy Director Nick Dormon discussed ‘The next big thing’ at the NPD Food and Drink conference in London. Following the event we created a report that defines the cultural shifts and trends affecting the food and drink market in 2017. The report covers 5 key areas of insight, all illustrated with brand examples. We examine the on-demand food economies, the future of functional foods, healthy hedonism and more.  

Although trends have their place, at Echo we believe that it is brand inspired innovation that really leads to unique, meaningful NPD. Exciting trends can tempt brand owners to ‘jump on’ in a bid to stay relevant, but trends are transient and will not necessarily stand the test of time or remain relevant for your brand. By placing your brands core values and purpose at the heart of a design led innovation process, you can navigate trends and technology to achieve long-term growth through exciting NPD. 

Echo's design led innovation approach helps brands like Belvedere, Nestle and Unilever define their brands innovation pipeline. Today brands are under more pressure than ever. Health is top of the agenda and brand owners feel they need to be constantly innovating their product offering. Trend insight can be enjoyed all the more when you are able to clearly understand which trends are most relevant to your brands truth and therefore how you can make them your own. We hope you enjoy this report! Read it here.