Designing the future of home rental

Echo name and brand Canopy, the pioneering rent insurance app that is empowering the home rental community. 

Echo has worked with the visionary team behind Canopy to create the brand strategy and positioning, name and brand identity, bringing it to life across their complete digital service.

The housing rental industry is neither fair or friendly. There are 22 million renters in the UK with 60% of Londoners forecast to be renters by 2025. In addition, Londoners spend at least 60% of their wages on rent. The system breeds mistrust, suspicion and a lack of control. With so much wrong with the status quo, it is beyond ready for disruption. 


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Canopy is pioneering a progressive future for everyone invested in the rental market. An app based offer, Canopy’s Rent Passport™ enables trust-rated property owners, agents and renters to connect in a rental community built on merit and mutual respect. Canopy has engineered a post-deposit reality by insuring trust. The service puts cash back into the hands of tenants and grants property owners peace of mind, better protection and simplified admin. Simultaneously, the billions of pounds locked up in deposits in the UK can be filtered back into the economy. Canopy is rewriting the rulebook, using common sense and human service design to put people back at the heart of a currently broken system. The result is a rental community where all parties benefit through mutual empowerment. 

Echo worked in close partnership with the Canopy team to ensure that all the company’s visions and values where clearly defined and brought to life through the brand name and visual identity system. Importantly, Echo needed to position the brand so that it would resonate with a diverse audience of renters, landlords and agents, each with different agendas. The name Canopy reflects an inclusive and encapsulating sense of protection combined with a freshness and vitality. 




The brand word mark uses a simple, open and approachable typeface that dispels any sense of bureaucracy or formality. Inspired by a canopy, it is anchored to the word mark, suggesting an encompassing permanence. The design balances credibility with innovation and permanent reassurance with modern vitality. The colour palette is a refreshing change from traditional financial service brands reflecting a new way of doing things. The brand’s imagery reflects a sense of spirited dynamism. The high energy pace of urban living combined with a sense of accessibility and accomplishment. 

Creative Director Nigel Ritchie comments: “We needed Canopy’s identity to truly reflect the team’s vision and personality as well as connecting with the brand’s diverse audiences. Canopy is a facilitator of life’s essential needs. This is a pioneering, passionate business with warm, inclusive and diligent values. The brand mark has a flexible system that can be scaled across different touch-points providing a sense of responsive humanity combined with the assurance necessary in the important business of ones home”.




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Creative Director, Nigel Ritchie
Strategy Director, Nick Dormon
Strategist, Tashi van der Waerden
Designer, Stuart Bailey
Head of Client Services, Alastair Jones