I eat therefore I am - branding today’s edible experiences

How does the food and drink landscape bring to life a wonderous reflection of people's desire for experience over things?




The food and drink landscape today has many different faces. But, one which continues full steam ahead is its wonderous reflection of people’s desire for experience over things. And now more than ever, how we fuel ourselves makes a statement about who we want to be. Here’s 4 ways that forward thinking food and drink brands are helping drive forward our future health and desires.




1. Our desire for discovery

We desire escapism, reconnection with other worlds and a new sense of inspiration to satisfy our wanderlust.
What we eat and drink has a transformative power to elevate us out of the everyday. Brand provenance is being taken to the next level, with a new adventurous spirit and appreciation for discovering new tastes and ingredients. This is well refelcted by Doisy & Dam chocolate who enlighten our senses with flavours including quinoa, smoked tea and vanilla and lemon, poppy seed and baobab.




2. Making an edible statement

Kombucha brand L.A Brewery state “we know that the closed system of an overly sterile environment has stripped us of our natural immunities, leaving us exposed. We believe exposure is tolerance.” More and more we are seeing brands build their products around social, environmental and political values. And the food industry itself has a lot to be responsible for. Each year that goes by we become more aware of the impact of food waste. Food app Olio connects people with their neighbours and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared rather than thrown away. It also hosts supper clubs using reclaimed food. People like to invest in products that stand for something bigger than themselves and that make a statement about what they believe in.


3. A new knowledge of the benefits of foods active naturals

We are growing more connected to our foods and we understand the special benefits and efficacy of naturally occurring active properties.
We want to harness food’s medicinal and nutritional properties to optimise our bodies, discovering what unique properties work for us as individuals. Our knowledge is becoming more advanced. We see healthy gut foods like Kefir, Kombucha and Kimchi raising their profiles amongst many other food products championing their most raw and natural state. New Honey brand Black Bee Honey’s premium quality comes from its raw unadulterated state that retains all the best nutritional benefits of honeys active ingredients.




4. Healthy hedonism – the new indulging

In the past, words like health and wellness have been associated with self-restraint, unappealing and boring food. We have always been told that pleasure is bad for us. But today we know this doesn’t need to be the case, yet we also want to feel a sense of indulging without compromising completely on health and brands are capitalising on this. Mashing up wellness with indulgence is giving us new opportunities for mental uplift. Health isn’t about all or nothing anymore. We want our health to be a sustainable part of our lives and that means making it fun and obtainable. Oppo ice cream is one of many ‘guilt-free luxury treats’, its whole name being based on ending the day that health and indulgence are seen as opposites.




The food industry is never one to remain still. And with a constant need to drive sustainability, counter waste and champion health, innovation is sure to continue to excite.