New Radar Considers Global vs Local Design Interpretations

Our latest issue, Global vs Local, explores how the growing consumer trend for discovery calls for global brands to engage more at a local level and create deeper, richer, authentic experiences both at home and afar. We highlight three key trends that respond to these changing consumer tastes and desires. 

A New Discovery

As people increasingly look for new cultures and experiences to discover, we are noticing a shift towards brands and services that attempt to transport us and help us explore new provinces and territories. We take a look at how brands are harnessing local values, expertise and ingredients to deliver unique, authentic experiences.  

Radar Issuu - Global VS Local

The Local Jewel

With access to our most treasured brands available at the swipe of an index finger, people are placing more value on brand interactions that feel specialised, tailored and unique to our locations and routines. We look at brands that are maximising recognition and reach through adopting more agile, collaborative and locally-specific design.

Time Travel

As Millennials continue to demonstrate a desire to discover new and novel experiences, many brands are responding with new products that play on the art of unearthing lost skills, crafts and rituals. We explore brands that are delving into the past for traditional processes and customs from previous generations to deliver unique and surprising experiences. 

With the rise of the globally-connected consumer, design is key to interpreting the global vs. local trend to create more meaningful brands.

RADAR can be read online here, but if you would prefer a printed version, please do get in touch.