Paradise bottled

Tropic Soul


Brand Strategy  .  Naming  .  Visual Identity  .  Packaging  .  Digital and Exhibition Design


A chance meeting of two like-minded entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic has led to the creation of exotic healthy smoothie brand Tropicsoul.

Echo worked in close partnership with the founders to realise their vision.


Together we created not just a brand but a sustainable business firmly rooted in ethical farming and fair trade.

3 Tropic Soul Tumble Scene MOBILE.jpg

Echo created the name and visual symbolism to design a unique take on ‘taste of paradise’.

4 Tropic Soul 6 Pack Family Arrangement MOBILE.jpg
We worked with the team at Echo to realise our complete vision. The experience has been great and Echo’s partnership has been key in making Tropic Soul a reality.

Peter Marte-Backman

CoFounder Tropic Soul



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