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To engage with Nestlé’s permissibility objectives in the world of children’s toys and confectionery we built on the ‘create colourful stories’ brand idea to develop a range of products that encourage developmental and constructive play.



We designed a new range of playful characters unique to Smarties and a 3D packaging innovation portfolio that brings the characters and their worlds to life for consumers.

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Puppets, drawing crayons, telescopes and more activity based designs facilitate active and imaginative play.

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Interactive experiences allow audiences to become part of their favourite character’s world.


These solutions not only activate a magical and immersive Smarties’ brand world, they also create new, positive behaviours through inspiring educational, interactive and role play experiences for consumers. 

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Echo has delivered truly engaging and unique packaging innovations combined with brand relevant experiences that meet a specific set of consumer needs. The team have worked from idea generation to realisation.

Nizar Belhachmi

Senior Brand Manager Nestle ITR 

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