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Unilever's male and female deodorant brand known in different regions as Sure, Rexona, Shield and Degree is truly global and complex. With a huge number of names, ranges and variants across diverse geographical markets, inconsistencies in the portfolio were eroding the status of the masterbrand.


Echo worked with the marketing team and advertising agency to create a unifying brand and design idea that helped us re-craft the iconic brand identity, unifying the tick brand mark across all global markets.

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The new harmonised packaging design across both male and female ranges creates a bold simplicity, strength and standout to the Rexona ranges, reasserting their performance positioning. The design brings harmony whilst allowing for the diversity of numerous range variants and local market needs to be met.

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We have worked as the global brand guardian, bringing to life the brands core positioning and supporting this with an innovation pipeline of new product development to keep Rexona fresh as it moves into the future.

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Echo grasped both the aesthetic and ergonomic challenges of our brief. The design we achieved is truly consumer-centric.

Kate Hardy

Senior Global Brand Manager, Sure and Rexona



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