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Echo's Refreshing and Vibrant Brand Identity for English Tea Shop Helps to Tell its Story

London studio Echo has crafted this brand refresh for English Tea Shop, a company that has been working in collaboration with small organic farms in Sri Lanka and 20 other countries to source ingredients, grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides, to make teas for a growing number of tea-lovers all over the world.

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English Tea Shop

Echo has recently updated its corporate identity for the English Tea Shop. The new design of Echo tells about the history of the sustainable development of the English Tea Shop thanks to the new brand with the word "organic", the design of the mandala, which marks green ingredients, as well as the new icon of the teapot and the illustrations in the package telling the story of the brand "from farm to cup".

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Echo Refreshes 'English Tea Shop' Brand

Echo recently revitalized brand identity and packaging for English Tea Shop. Echo's new designs tell English Tea Shop's strong sustainability story through a new brand mark featuring the word 'organic', a mandala design celebrating sustainable ingredients, and a new teapot icon and in-pack illustrations telling the brand's farm-to-cup story.

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