We help you decide what to do next by imagining where you could be in the future.

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We believe progressive innovation is far more successful than big leaps into the unknown. That’s why our approach is driven by brand purpose, guided by users, manifested through creativity and brought to life by designers.

As with everything we do, we are collaborative and provocative, thorough and pragmatic.

Our clients include marketers, CEOs and scientists. Together we create ideas directly with the people they are designed to help. User collaboration gets our motors running, sparking our imagination and keeping us level-headed.



Business Innovation


We have designed successful futures for corporations and businesses in categories as diverse as telecommunications, personal care, food and finance. By capitalising on brand assets and core capabilities they have confidently moved into lucrative new categories from a position of strength, holding clear customer insight and a sound development plan.



New Product Development


We have extensive experience in developing new product variants and ranges for the FMCG category. Using agile and proven innovation processes, we deliver consumer reward with product and technical solutions in a strong brand context.



Packaging Innovation


Working with our product designers, we innovate new, effective and sustainable formats, packing experiences, and systems for a wide range of FMCG brands from premium personal care to global food portfolios



Future Visioning


Echo’s Future Visioning approach is designed to help companies build an innovation strategy and pipeline. By aligning brand and business ambition with external drivers such as technology developments, the environment, social change and evolving consumer needs we provide long term direction with immediate action.