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A quintessential challenger brand, giffgaff has redefined the mobile market with its ‘no contracts’ network run by its members.

giffgaff challenged Echo with uniting a strong set of brand values through the creation of a new unified brand identity.


Rather than creating a singular solution, the new giffgaff branding has a range of personalities that can be deployed in appropriate brand situations. This duality keeps the brand lively, surprising and appealing to a young audience.

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The design represents digital noise, and creatively plays with the idea of the pixel, encoded with energy and movement.

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Vibrant colour and shape is used to bring to life the qualities of dynamism, passion and enthusiasm. We created a distinctive and consistent tone of voice across all customer touch points.

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The flexible identity is brought to life across all visual assets, both digital and print including a new triple SIM design and TV idents.

We needed to really challenge the status quo with our brand design so needed to punch above our weight to get our message heard.

Ashley Schofield

Marketing & Experience Chief

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