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Five Rivers

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Sanghera family rum is a rich, elegant and captivating premium white rum.

It gets its name from the word Punjab, which means ‘land of five rivers’.

Its story starts high up in the foothills of the Himalaya, the source of the Five Rivers. It is from here that these great five rivers begin their journey. Travelling down the plains of the Punjab, they enrich the soil creating the perfect conditions for growing some of the world’s finest sugar cane – the key ingredient of Five Rivers Rum. 

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Working with the entrepreneurial Sanghera family, Echo created the complete brand, from name and visual identity to bottle label design and website. The brand mark is a visual representation of the five rivers joining harmoniously together as a symbol of the Punjab.



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When we came to Echo we had nothing in the way of a brand. We worked in close partnership with the team to realise Five Rivers from scratch. The team really understood our vision and dreams for the brand. The project approach kept us involved whilst providing the external expertise and guidance we needed.

Taj Sanghera




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