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Cow & Gate Infant Milk

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User Research  .  Innovation  .  Structural Packaging Design


When dissatisfied mums are jumping ship from a brand, you need to know why....and you need to know what to do about it.

We observed, we discussed and we learnt what mums thought about Cow & Gate’s First Infant formula milk packaging, and the gaps between what it did and what they wanted it to do.

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Through facilitated workshops and user observations we gained invaluable insight and were able to completely re-energise Cow and Gate and Aptamil, radically improving the brand experience.


The creation of a safe place to clip the scoop away from the powder solved issues of hygiene. An audibly closing, air-tight lid provides reassurance. A helpful levelling bar greatly improved convenience and accuracy of dosing. Designing these changes made lives easier, simpler and less overwhelming. Which all added up to say ‘we care’.

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Working with Echo is a great experience. They have a passionate and highly knowledgeable team and are experts when it comes to designing complex but intuitive packaging solutions.

Merijn Dols

R & D Brand Manager


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