our approach

we believe in product and brand uniting as one


When you have a product with real purpose and a brand that beautifully communicates that purpose through compelling values and personality, you’ll have a winner. 

Then you'll know every sensorial and functional interaction will be tight, punchy and a delight. To help you do just that we strive to be the best at both brand design and product innovation. 



We work with our clients using words, imagery and action to build brand strategies that work just as hard for product development teams as they do for marketing. Echo captures all that’s good to prompt action for today and give purpose to tomorrow.

We provide a delicate touch when tuning established brands; making sure we don't lose what works, carefully carving out the deadwood then building in meaning to make them sparkle. Likewise we work with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to help them craft their future and guide their fledgling businesses with robust brand thinking.


2D Design

We think of visual identities as visceral, flexible entities that influence and engage across diverse touch-points and ever-changing media; changing behaviour, bringing solidarity and encouraging advocacy.

Every graphic touch-point of a brand from a website or application, packaging or activation must be a delight to behold and encompass brand purpose with desirable and original creativity.

Implementing the design intent is essential to a successful launch and your peace of mind. We are expert in the development and curation of design assets across all media, ensuring consistency, continuity and quality.



3D Design

In today’s multi-channel world the most desirable and commercially successful designs need to be more than beautiful. They need to be deeply engaging, but also offer seamless, useful experiences. For that you need a 3D team that goes more than skin deep to understand how design can solve problems and provide benefit to the user, all within tight commercial and environmental considerations.

Our expert product, industrial and structural packaging designers work holistically; embracing form, touch, sound, texture and operation to deliver beautiful solutions across structural packaging, point of sale, product, experiences, prototypes, renders, CAD and more.



We help you decide what to do next by imagining where you want to be in the future.

We believe progressive innovation is far more successful than big leaps into the unknown. That’s why our approach is driven by brand purpose, guided by users, manifested through creativity and brought to life by designers.

As with everything we do, we are collaborative and provocative, thorough and pragmatic.

Our clients include marketers, CEOs and scientists. Together we create ideas directly with the people they are designed to help. User collaboration gets our motors running, sparking our imagination and keeping us level-headed.